Judicial Branch

Thank you for your interest in the SGA Judicial Branch!

The SGA Judicial Branch works to ensure that student rights are upheld at all times through involvement in judicial hearings and reviews. The Judicial Branch shall have the authority to:

  • Investigate and review any instance of alleged misconduct within the Student Government Association, or violations of the Student Body Constitution, or the Student Government Bylaws;

  • Declare any act of the Legislative or Executive Branch unconstitutional if that act violates the Student Body Constitution or Bylaws;

  • Enforce the Elections Act;

  • Conduct Attendance hearings; and 

  • Oversee the Impeachment Process

For more information about the SGA Judicial Powers and their authority to protect the rights of the Student Body and to insure the acceptance of responsibilities set forth by law, campus rules, and Student Body Statues, please visit the Constitution of the Student Body, Article IV.

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