Judicial Board Hearing Panel

The Judicial Board Hearing Panel is made up of no less than 21 students interviewed and appointed by the Dean of Students Office and Chief Justice of the Hearing Panel to adjudicate alleged violations of the Code of Student Responsibility and the Code of Academic Integrity. Three Hearing Panel members are assigned to an accused student’s Judicial Board to:

  • Listen to all sides of a case in order to determine student responsibility or non-responsibility;
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue regarding the facts of the case by posing fact-finding and educational questions;
  • Balance the rights of the individual student with the safety and security of the University community;
  • Determine educational sanctions and learning opportunities for the responsible student as applicable.

The Judicial Board is in place to redirect behavior that is unacceptable in the University community. A unique advantage exists in engaging student peers in influencing the attitudes and subsequent behavior of fellow students. Peer influence, exercised through the Judicial Board process, can be one of the most effective means of education a student may encounter while enrolled at UNC Charlotte.