Historical Legislation

Over the years, Student Government Association has passed legislation over it's tenure that has shaped the direction of the University. Below are some notable examples:

  • LGBTQ+ Resource Center Act (2018)

  • Interfaith Meditation Space Resolution (2016)

  • Health and Wellness Center Support Act (2014)

  • Zero Waste Football Act (2011)

  • Adding Gender Identity to Non-Discrimination Statement (2010)

  • Google Apps at UNC Charlotte (2007)

  • Light Rail Preference Resolution (2006)

  • A Resolution in Support of Surveying Students about Football (2006)

  • UNC Charlotte Reference Act (2005)

For more recent listings of legislation passed, visit:

50th Senate Legislation (2013-2014)

51st Senate Legislation (2014-2015)

52nd Senate Legislation (2015-2016)

53rd Senate Legislation (2016-2017)

54th Senate Legislation (2017-2018)

55th Senate Legislation (2018-2019)