Get Involved

Why join the Student Government Association?

SGA is an opportunity to:​

  • represent the student voice
  • affect change on campus
  • develop leadership skills
  • meet student leaders and advocates
  • learn parlimentary procedure
  • interact with University administrators
  • obtain experience with law, government, business, and more!


Students must maintain a 2.5 cummulate GPA to participate in SGA. For a complete list of requirements, refer to Student Body Documents Volume II, Chapter 1, Section 3, §1-1.3.

Opportunities to Participate:

Please read the descriptions of opportunities to participate in SGA below. For specific instructions about how to apply, find the "Get Involved" tab on the webpage for your branch of interest.

Class Council Member

Help program events to keep your class united and engaged!


Represent students At-large or students in your College and advocate for their needs!

Executive Committee Volunteer

Help Executive Secretaries plan and implement large scale projects and initatives.

Judical Board Member

Learn about the judicial process hands-on by participating in a peer review system coordinated by students for students.